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Houseplants placed skills we should pay attention to what?

Typically, many buy plants on casual place them in one place, fit can make the life of the plant to reduce, or even plant death can quickly let to do so. Therefore, the placing of plant is very learned. We are concerned that the more common plants are arranged.

    Selection of plants also take into account whether they can found in the environment of your bedroom living space, such as light, temperature and humidity, ventilation conditions, and pay attention to the coordination and space and the environment, as far as possible in accordance with their own space to display of plants . Space, better lighting, can choose tall, satisfied the positive point of plants. Tall green plants can be placed in the edge of the living room and foyer; window to a more adequate sunlight, can choose a variety of different color and shape of the plant, such as Araucaria, bromeliads, African violets; bedroom will have placed some of the morphological smaller plants, and the number should not be too much; toilet can be placed in some overhanging plants; children's room can be placed in a number of bright colors, but be careful not to put the cactus, cactus spines, easily hurt children plant.
    Balcony, as space permits, a variety of points of green plants no relationship, while the interior, not only to consider the space, but also consider plant photosynthesis, but also in the indoor to breathe.

    Experts suggest, home placing plants should be considered "complementary" function, most of the plant at night release carbon dioxide, the absorption of oxygen, cactus plant is the release of oxygen in the evening, the absorption of carbon dioxide, if these have a "complementary" function of plant placed in in a room, you can balance the indoor oxygen and carbon dioxide levels and keep indoor air clean.