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Indoor plant

Normally our indoor suitable breed plants?

In general, we like to put some plants in their own home or inside the room, but what plants suitable for what kind of crowd that? Recently, NASA scientists discovered the evergreen foliage plants, flowering plants and green, many have to eliminate the role of toxic chemicals in the buildings. The study also found that the plant is not just rely on leaves absorb substances, plant roots and soil bacteria to remove harmful substances contributed. Decoration Association Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center engineer Zhou Shuqin, two kinds of types of plants most suitable place in the living room.

Plants can kill bacteria

The volatile oils of rose, osmanthus, violet, jasmine, lemon, rose, carnation, lily of the valley, crape myrtle and other fragrant flowers have a significant bactericidal effect.

Crape myrtle, jasmine, lemon and other plants, can kill diphtheria bacteria and dysentery bacteria native bacteria within five minutes. The fragrance of the rose, carnation, lily of the valley, violet, rose, osmanthus plants emit significantly inhibit the growth and reproduction of M. tuberculosis, pneumococcal, Staphylococcus.

Cacti and other succulents native to tropical arid regions, fleshy stems stomata during the day closed, open at night, while absorbing carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, so that the increase in the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air.

Tiger Piran, Sansevieria, agave and palm brown hair, Garan vegetables, Sedum, putting down roots, cultivation phoenix pear plants can purify the air at night.

Ivy, grapes, morning glory, wisteria, roses and other climbing plants planted in the ground around your home, let them along the wall or smooth frame cling to form a green arbor, can effectively reduce the radiation from the sun, and greatly reduce the indoor temperature.

Cloves, jasmine, rose, violet, mint and other plants can make people relaxed, pleasant state of mind conducive to sleep, but also improve work efficiency.
Plants can absorb toxic chemicals

Aloe, spider plants, Sansevieria, Pleione, Monstera are natural scavengers, can clear the air of harmful substances. Studies have shown that Sansevieria and spider plants can absorb more than 80% of indoor harmful gas, superior ability to absorb formaldehyde. The aloe also the players, absorb formaldehyde contained in one cubic meter of air can absorb 90% of the formaldehyde.

Ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum, kumquat, pomegranate, half sticks lotus, rose, camellia, pomegranate, Milan, daisy, bloom, marigold can effectively remove sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ethyl ether, ethylene, carbon monoxide, peroxide nitrogen and other harmful substances.

Orchid, osmanthus, bloom, Caladium, red back Gui is a natural filter, the cilia can be trapped and sucked stagnation particles floating in the air and smoke.